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    ARIA Popular Classical Music

We’re a small group of classical music lovers.  For years we’ve struggled with the requirement that our enjoyment of great classical music has to be diluted by listening to music we don’t like, but which we are expected to suffer through.  We’ve had no choice.

You can’t go to a concert, skip the first piece, and half the symphony that follows, then come back in time for the encore!  It is all or nothing.  No-one bothers to turn their radio off and set a timer to remind them to turn it on again in five minutes time when a boring bit is finished.

We’ve wondered – why do the people who program classical music take such strange pleasure in forcing us to listen to music we don’t like?  Don’t they see their sometimes half-empty halls?  Don’t they care?

We have no answers to these questions.  But we care about the issue, ourselves.  Our mission is to ensure you always get to enjoy “the good bits”, and that you don’t have to endure “the other bits”.

We hope you’ll like our programming.  We’re continually updating it to reflect our best understanding of the music you do like, and the music you will like if you hear it, too.  And if we get it wrong, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  We always love to connect with our listeners, because it truly is a labor of love, by us, and for you.

Where We Are

Just like our streaming signal can be heard anywhere and everywhere, we ourselves are located all around the world, too.  We have a digital “virtual” existence – we live on disembodied remote computers, and connect through the internet via services that bring us all electronically together, as if we are all in the one office.

Our physical offices are located in small-town Texas, a bit to the southwest of Houston – an unlikely place for an internationally leading classical music streaming service, we grant you.  There’s not much to see – a few computers, which although small in size, are great in power and of enormous capacity.  If you look out the back, you might see racks and racks of CDs, and boxes more of CDs not yet cataloged.  Yes, there are traditional studios with microphones and mixing boards, although they’re often empty, because some of our on-air staff work from their at-home studios.

We also have three regular FM radio stations (none of which play classical music, alas) and they are based in our same offices.

Covid helped the radio industry sever its last physical bonds, and now we can truly do almost anything and everything we need to, from anywhere and everywhere.  These days, it isn’t about where we are, it is about whether we connect with you or not, and we can do that – we are doing that – wherever you are.

So – where are we?  We’re conveniently close by, “inside” your phone, your computer, your smart speaker!

Putting You in the Picture, Too?

If you’re a classical music aficionado, maybe you’d like to become part of our team.  We love to connect with fellow music-lovers, and if good music is a passion of yours, and you have some free time, perhaps you’d like to join our cause and volunteer some time and help out.

We always welcome “virtual librarians” to help us maintain and grow our music library database.  If you have a box of classical CDs you no longer need, we’re always keen to add to our collection of CDs.

And if you have a “radio voice” and would like to present a program, maybe there’s a chance for you there, too.  We’d provide you with the programming, and depending on what our virtual librarians have available, some program notes as well, and you’d get to introduce and present the music to our listening audience.

Tell us if you’d like to become a part of our team.  We’re looking for volunteers currently; in the future, when we become “revenue positive”, we hope to be able to reward you, which reminds us, yes, we need sales people too, people who can introduce us to fine companies who’d like to introduce their good quality products to our discerning audience.